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Urban Rhythm Style

Our 5 most popular chair styles

Maison dining chairs with butterfly extension table

If you’re looking for a chair to snuggle up in after a long day or one to sit at for an evening of eating, drinking and conversations with friends, we’ve got you covered!

We thought we would inspire you with a guide to 5 of our most popular chair styles…

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How to choose the perfect sofa

Melba sofa

As much as I love stiletto shoes, I know I can't run very far in them.  So, as for buying shoes, when buying my furniture, I consider functionality as much as I do style.  

A few things I consider when buying a sofa...

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How it all began...

Nellie armchair

In 1976, Sam and Vicki opened a tiny shop on the Mornington Peninsula selling pine furniture and some giftware items. They did everything themselves, even delivering furniture in their blue Mazda van...

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