upholstery Fabrics by Colour

This is only a sample of some of our favourite fabrics in a few popular colours, there is so much more to explore in our showroom. Talk to your consultant about finding the right one for you. 

WHITE & CreamY Tones

Keylargo Ivory

Bravo Flax

Denver Linen

Cheshire Dove

Nixon Hessian

Zion Natural

Carrick Birch

Carrick Snow

Padova Swan

Padova Mist

Colourwash Swan

Bellvue Oatmeal

Tanzania Nimbus

Tanzania Sandshell

Lido Pebble

Lido Eggshell

Boston Cloud

Lusk Reflect

Lusk Parched

Lusk Linen

Glamour Pebble

Newport Suede

Boston Driftwood

Carter Stirling

Light GreyS

Utopia Silver

Utopia Feather

Lindeman Snow

Keylargo Zinc

Denver Dove

Antilla Pumice

Zion Steel

Bravo Stirling

Keylargo Frost

Padova Stirling

Colourwash Fog

Newport Silver

Bellvue Dove

Lusk Salt

Boston Dove

Mid GreyS

Zinc Storm

Denver Fog

Antila Pewter

Lindeman Frost

Nixon Steel

Utopia Aluminium

Utopia Iron

Lusk Misty Morning

Bravo Feather

Lindeman Steel

Padova Pewter

Colourwash Shadow

Boston Steel

Newport Granite

Carter Folkstone
Glamour Storm

Spa Tones

Bravo Duckegg

Bravo Mineral

Bravo Jade

Santos Neptune

Denver Spa

Colourwash Horizon

Nixon Cloud

Santos Neptune

Newport Surf

Boston Glacier

Warm EARtHY Tones

Santos Sand

Bravo Rattan

Utopia Antelope

Lido Jute

Santos Pavement

Santos Sage

Cheshire Chai

Cheshire Paprika

Padova Aluminium

Padova Feather

Zion Blossom

Keylargo Almond

Lusk Linen

Lusk Feather

Tanzania Linen

Tanzania Mineral

Bellvue Blush

Boston Shell

Carter Rosewater

Carter Joss

Utopia Koi

Carter Spice

Glamour Cocoa

Glamour Driftwood

TEALS & GreenS

Lusk Moonstone

Belvue Lagoon

Colourwash Pesto

Carter Clover

Newport Evergreen

Carter Ivy

Glamour Sherwood

Glamour Spruce


Antila Indigo

Lindeman Dusk

Carrick Sky

Utopia Ocean

Santos Seaport

Santos Ink

Nixon Denim

Cheshire Cornflower

Padova Night Sky

Colourwash Navy

Colourwash Cadet

Bellvue Wedgewood
Carter Midnight

Newport Ink

Glamour Indigo

Glamour Dark Navy


Antila Charcoal

Utopia Shadow

Bravo Charcoal

Santos Forged

Padova Nero

Santos Nickel

Colourwash Charcoal

Carrick Cobblestone

Lusk Periscope

Boston Meteor

Boston Nickel

Newport Carbon