Delivery Questionnaire


Sales Order:


  1. What describes your delivery location? House, Unit or Townhouse, Apartment, Other.
  2. Please tell us more about your delivery location.
  3. Can a large truck park within 15 metres of the best entry point to the home or building? Yes/No?
  4. Please estimate distance in metres.
  5. Are you aware of any challenges for the truck? None, Steep Driveway, Low hanging branches, power lines, muddy entrance because of new build, other?
  6. Please describe any other challenge the truck may encounter.
  7. What are the dimensions of the narrowest doorway that your furniture will pass through?
  8. What are the dimensions of the narrowest section of the corridor that your furniture will pass through?
  9. Will your furniture go up or down stairs to reach its final destination? Note: due to regulation codes and requirements, spiral staircases and fire escapes are not permitted. Answer: Yes, only a couple of steps, one flight of stairs, more than one flight of stairs, via a lift, stairs and lift, No, it will be a ground floor delivery. Additional Information?
  10. Is the width at the narrowest point of the staircase wider than 1 metre?
  11. What is the width of the staircase at the narrowest point?
  12. What is the ceiling height at the landing?
  13. Please provide a photo of your staircase
  14. Dimensions of the lift door? Height x Width 
  15. Dimensions of the lift interior? Height x Width
  16. Are there any other challenges you think the delivery team may face?
  17. Please describe the other challenges that may be faced by the delivery crew? If applicable, please provide a photo.