Things to Know About Timber Furniture

Natural Timber

Natural timber furniture will come with the unique and sought after characteristics that tell the story of the trees from which they came. Depending on the timber species used for your furniture, you may expect to see an assortment of natural features. Unlike man made products, no two pieces of timber are ever the same.  Grain variations are common among all species of timber, in other species, knots, gum veins, worm holes and colour variations may occur.

These fingerprints of nature are not flaws, but the hallmarks of natural timber which enhance the appearance of your furniture. 

Maison round dining table in Wormy Chestnut with Kingston carver dining chairs


Recycled timber – you either love it or hate it.

Apart from the natural features of timber, recycled timber also proudly displays the history of its previous life, likely as a part of a demolished warehouse. Filled bolts, nail holes and aged characteristics are all part and parcel of this range of furniture.

With expert craftsmanship, reclaimed timber is morphed into attractive sought after furniture where no two pieces are ever the same. Therefore, what you see in our showroom is only a sample of the design and flavour of what your unique piece would look like.

Wood Grains

The following are examples of the wood grains you might see in Urban Rhythm’s timber furniture. Sample images have been taken from a small section of a furniture piece for illustrative purposes only. However, what you see on your screen will probably be different from the actual colour of the timber photographed due to the nature of computer monitors.  

Mountain Ash

Sample sections of Mountain Ash showing various natural features and indicative colour variations.

Mountain Ash example 1

Mountain Ash example 2

Mountain Ash example 3

Recycled Messmate

Sample sections of Recycled Messmate showing various natural features and colour variations, as well as the features of recycled timber that may include filled nail holes and bolt marks.

Recycled Messmate example 1

Recycled Messmate example 2

Recycled Messmate example 3

Spotted Gum

Sample sections of Spotted Gum showing various natural features and colour variations.

Spotted Gum example 1

Spotted Gum example 2

Tasmanian Oak

Sample sections of Tasmanian Oak showing various natural features and colour variations.

Tasmanian Oak example 1

Tasmanian Oak example 2 

Timber Stains

Exact duplication of any given stain is impossible to achieve, the best we can offer is a close approximation of what you see in our showroom. The stains we use are pigment based and applied by hand to reveal and enhance the natural features and colour variations that exist in any piece of timber.

The stain sample you see in our showrooms can only be used as a guide.

Placement of Timber Furniture

Timber is a natural material which is responsive to changes in atmospheric conditions. In designing your furniture, we have thoughtfully considered the normal expansion and contraction of the timber. However, in caring for your timber, you’ll need to consider the placement of your furniture to avoid exposure to extreme temperature fluctuations including prolonged heat/cold, full sunlight or humidity which will have the potential to cause damage that will not be covered by product warranty.