Over the years, we tend to accumulate possessions. The dining table you first bought when you moved out of home or the dresser that has been passed down from generation to generation. Chances are you have a mixture of styles in your furniture.

Without careful planning, arranging all these items in one interior could look more chaotic rather than eclectic. But there is no reason to sell up all your possessions in order to create a modern, homely interior. Embrace the ‘perfectly imperfect’ trend and you’ll have a beautifully curated home that tells your story.


Use colour to unify old and new furniture

Living room with mix and match furnitures

Source: homebunch.com

Have a couple of old armchairs you’d like to marry with a modern sofa? Simply use colour to create a more coherent space. This could be in the form of cushions for your new sofa in a colour of the armchair upholstery. Tie the colour into the artwork, rug or other soft furnishings in the room to create a connection with the old and new.


Mix and match dining furniture


Urban Rhythm's black Malmo dining chair

Be playful with your furniture selection to create a more interesting dining space. A collection of contemporary chairs like our black Malmo Chair, look great with a traditional timber dining table. Alternatively, you can mix different chairs of a similar style or era. Six modern chairs with two in different upholstery will keep the look cohesive, but enhance your overall look, as does six different chairs all from the industrial era.


Consider your furniture layout

The way you position your furniture can affect whether your interior presents well or looks more like a dog’s breakfast. Aligning your furniture in a symmetrical manner will help balance out the decorating styles. Placing your armchairs directly opposite your sofa will create a level of formality rather than looking random and out of place.


Add personality in your space

White kitchen with wooden barstools

Source: jacquelynclark.com

Don’t be afraid to break away from the minimalist style to add personality to your space. An all-white kitchen may look sanitary and sleek, but often it can lack interest. Have some fun by adding a touch of colour in your furniture and finishes. Coloured barstools for example, can add a sense of life. If you’re a little scared of colour, consider three stools in white and just one in a bright colour. Alternatively, consider your finishes; a colour tiled backsplash or feature lights can be just enough to add a pop.


Use accessories to bring your interior to the modern era

colourful rug in living room

Source: therugseller.co.uk

If your dining room is filled with traditional furniture and you’re wanting to go modern, incorporate some contemporary accessories. A large modern floor lamp or a contemporary rug can be enough to give your furniture a new lease on life.


Avoid the display home look

If you’re looking for a fresh start and want to update your interior with all new furniture, you’ll want to avoid the ‘all new’, display home look. You can do this by ensuring you don’t purchase furniture all from the one collection. It may be easier and more affordable to buy a suite deal but it could compromise you overall feel and look. Don’t throw out or sell precious heirlooms before you’ve selected your new furniture. Perhaps your great-grandmothers buffet would look beautiful next to a contemporary dining setting.



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