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Clutter in the home has a way of creeping up on you. Those piles of unopened letters on the kitchen bench, kid's toys scattered around the living room, and a junk drawer too full to jam shut! No wonder keys get lost and you’re constantly feeling like you are picking up after others.

If you’re like us and think there are better ways to spend your precious spare time than in a home of chaos, then perhaps it’s time you had an organisation overhaul. Here’s some quick and easy ways to clear out the clutter and get your home looking magazine worthy!


Find your clutter hot spots

Everyone has a clutter hot spot where your mail gets dropped, shoes pile up, or kids’ stuff gathers. Once you have identified which areas of your home seem to have become dumping grounds you can find solutions to tidy them up. A stylish basket may be a great way to house your kid’s shoes and bags, a row of clip boards in the pantry can tidy up your bills, receipts and to-do lists, and a hallway console with drawers could be the perfect spot for your letters and keys.


Plan and prepare

Seen a picture of a perfectly organised home and been overcome with a wave of decluttering inspiration? Before you roll up your sleeves and give your home an overhaul, take the time to create an action plan. Decluttering takes time (depending on the level of your home’s disorder) and may require you to purchase storage containers, rubbish bags, and labels. Draft up a list for each room with what needs to be done, what you need to purchase and who’s going to do it.


Declutter everyday

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The best way to avoid falling into a world of chaos is to clean up the clutter every day. At the end of the day spend 10 minutes whizzing around the house with a basket collecting all the bits and pieces to return them back to the right place. Deal with your mail as soon as you get home, and have your kids collect up all their toys before they head to bed. Spending a little time at the end of the day means your home will appear a lot tidier.


Let go of your stuff

Have items in your home that you don’t really like, but it was a gift so you feel like you should hold onto it? Or have you held onto something just in case you might need it in the future?

Time to purge and give it to someone who will actually like it and will use it. If these items have sentimental value, instead of keeping it hidden in a box in your garage find a way to incorporate it into your interior so you can make use of it.


Select furniture that offers storage

If you select furniture which incorporates drawers within, you can keep your surfaces clear for pieces you want on show and the everyday stuff can be hidden. Our Malmo coffee table or Portland console table are two great examples of furniture pieces that feature built in storage. Just remember, you’ll need to declutter the drawers once in a while too! Surfaces around the home are notorious for becoming dumping grounds. Coffee tables end up collecting papers, magazines, and remote controls. Bedside tables gather hand creams, jewellery and candles you hardly ever use. 

If you’ve been gazing over the images of homes in the latest design magazines, dreaming that one day your interior could look like that, the first place to start is with decluttering. Figure out your problem areas, explore solutions, and set aside the time to roll up your sleeves and get organised. Once completed and you’re setting back taking in your newly organised home, you know it will all have been worth it!



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