Ever returned from a blissful holiday only to have reality smack you in the face?

You’ve been staying in a beautiful hotel overlooking a tropical oasis, a secluded shack with its own private beach, or a ski lodge that looks straight out of a magazine. Then you walk into your front door only to see a living room littered with toys, a kitchen that only reminds you of chores and a dining room with no soul. 

Not to mention the fact you must be back at work first thing in the morning with a tonne of emails to labour through. There goes your “zen” mindset! 


It’s that time of year we’re all coming back from summer holidays. While we can’t be on holidays indefinitely there are ways you can incorporate your getaway vibe into your interior to delay those post-holiday blues. 


Here’s some things to think about now you’ve enjoyed your summer holidays:

Steal inspiration from everywhere

 Holiday inspiration for your interior colours
Source: Conde Nest Traveller

Whether you’ve gone overseas or to a caravan park an hour a way, you can find inspiration everywhere. Hunt for treasures in shops that remind you of your time away and look carefully at the window displays, the colour combinations and the materials. Be inspired by the natural landscapes whether it’s the colours of the tranquil beaches or the textures within the mountains. You can then use these ideas as inspiration for your interior décor.  


Incorporate holiday scents 

Scents to remember your holiday
Source: VKV Visuals

Scent plays a huge role in transporting you back to that blissful destination. Find a candle that captures the essence of that favourite location. Burn some essential oils or fill your home with fresh flowers that have a fragrance that reminds you of where you were. 


Focus on comfort 

To evoke a holiday spirit in your home, comfort is the key. You want to create a room where you can relax and unwind. Remember the textures, materials and the colour palette that was used in your holiday accommodation. Find a sofa that allows you to sink in and enjoy a Sunday nap and use materials that are somewhat aged and easy on the eye. 


Update your linen and towels

Freshen up your linen
Source: Bright Bazaar

Ahh, the feeling for fresh linen and fluffy soft towels! A scratchy towel and dull bed sheets won’t help keep that holiday bliss for long. Updating your bedroom and bathroom is an easy and relatively affordable fix. Think high thread count, natural materials and a relaxing colour palette. 


Recreate a holiday dish

Flavours have the ability to evoke memories and transport you back to your holiday setting. You can keep dreaming about that culinary delight or you could get in the kitchen and recreate it! Purchase a cook book from one of the restaurants you visited or revisit one of your favourite holiday eateries online to see if they might share their recipes. Don’t just droll over your Instagram snap, have a go at recreating the flavours at home. 


Incorporate holiday mementos 

A holiday memento is not the same as a tacky souvenir. Instead, think a book from a local store you devoured, a craft you picked up at the market or some stones you found on a nature walk. Perhaps you saw a rug or a mirror you liked, look for similar items in homeware or furniture stores. 


Frame up your holiday snaps

Frame your memories of a relaxing place
Source: SF Girl by bay

In the age of smart phones everyone has a decent quality camera on them. Yet most of our holiday snaps end up on Instagram or in hibernation on our hard drive. Instead of keeping your photos in the digital world, pick out a few to frame up. Frame an interesting photo that captured the very essence of what you loved about the destination. 


Discover what inspired you to relax

What was it that made you kick back and relax during your holiday? Was it a comfortable armchair by the window or a day bed under the tree? Maybe it was a place to sit where you could read the Sunday paper in peace. Use this as inspiration to style a corner in your home where you can retreat to and have 5 minutes’ time out. Find a similar piece of furniture that allows you to get back into that relaxing moment. Whatever it was, make it come home with you.



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