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Interior trends come and go, just like in the world of fashion. Styling your home can be a big investment, so why not decorate to suit your personality and lifestyle, rather than what’s in at the time. Here’s our advice on how to keep true to your own taste and avoid following a fad trend.


Avoid sticking to a theme

Personally styled living room
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Avoid restricting your personal style by choosing a theme for your interior. You may be drawn to the ‘Art Deco’ or ‘Mid-century’ looks, but by replicating a theme your interior can look a little too try hard. Consider mixing together things you love and show off your personality, rather than going down the path of shabby chic throughout your entire home.  

Have some fun with it – remember there are no real rules when it comes to decorating.


Repurpose objects

Repurposed chairs

A great way to inject your own style into your space is by repurposing objects. Think reclaiming a church pew for your hallway, turning crates into toy boxes, or using an old chest as a coffee table. These may be things you already have, or something you can collect on your travels and inject new life into them. 

Be careful not to go too overboard with the repurposing and reusing, as your home could look more like a Uni student’s pad than a stylish interior. 

Source: Perfecting the Home Front


Don’t stop at one shop

Want to avoid looking like your interior came straight out of a catalogue? Then don’t shop for your furniture and décor at the same shop.  

Although we’d love you to purchase everything you need for your living room from our store, the reality is mixing furniture and decor from various stores will result in a more unique interior. Mix and match pieces you see from a variety of retailers and don’t feel the pressure to decorate your interior all at once. Sometimes you need to hold out until you find just the right item.


Choose quality over quantity 

An interior with lots of pieces to catch your eye can be intriguing and just the look you’re trying to achieve. It’s also one that’s difficult to do quickly and can leave you open to following a fad trend that will date.  

So before you consider filling your home with cheapo pieces so you can have more of them, think about the quality. Save up for the things you love, rather than compromising. After all, you don’t want to go to all that trouble of hunting down furniture and accessories only to find they wear and tear soon after.


Decorate for your lifestyle

Cluttered Art
Source: Desert Domicile

Have young children or pets? Then an all-white interior might not be the one for you. Equally if you tend to collect a lot of stuff, the minimalist look may not work long term. Avoid decorating your interior based on a perfect magazine spread you admire. 

Decorate to suit your lifestyle. Don’t store away all your belongings to achieve the slick look, just learn how to display them in a way that’s more aesthetically pleasing.


Be authentic 

Rather than purchasing items for your home because you think they’re in vogue, be authentic and buy the things you love. It’s easy to like things because their trendy and avoidable, but make sure they reflect your personality. Do you really love marble and that pastel colour palette? 

Also, refrain from apologising for your style. If you love your child’s artwork, then hang it with pride. If there are items that need to be updated like your 1950’s kitchen, instead of being ashamed of it, embrace it and add some retro accessories. 

Stop comparing your home to those in magazines or your friend’s place. Style your home in a way that makes you excited every time you enter. You’ll feel a great sense of happiness and more inspired if you stay true to your design tastes.



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