What is your interior style?

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Spending hours on Pinterest trying to work out what your interior design style is? Do you gravitate towards a modern look or are you more the Scandi type? Maybe you think of yourself as a minimalist, but all your pins resemble a classic style.

Let’s face it; when every season of The Block new styles are born like ‘Scan-dustrial’ and naming your interior style can be a challenge. If you’re trying to discover what your design style is, here a list of 8 key interior styles to help clarify things and lead you in the right direction.



Classic living room style
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Classic interiors place great importance on symmetry, balance and order. Rooms following a classic design style are well-considered and often composed around a central focal piece. This could be a fireplace featuring an ornate mirror above, or a grand dining table with feature chairs at either end. 

The colour palette of a classic interior is usually inspired by nature. Tones of yellow, blue, green and browns are common. Softer tones like grey, terracotta, pinks and off white also feature. Natural timbers, stone and marble are the key finishes in a classic interior, and fabrics tend to be elegant, with nothing too bold or racy. 



Modern living room style
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Modern design is all about clean-lines and focuses on function before form. You won’t find unnecessary accessories or decorative elements in a modern space, as this style is much more about simplicity than clutter. This means a modern design style is ideal for smaller interiors, where space is a premium. 

Polished finishes, bold block colours, and geometric forms are also signatures of this the modern style. 



Contemporary living room style
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Modern and contemporary design styles are often intertwined, but there is a difference between the looks. Contemporary simply means it’s a style that’s trendy at that particular moment, whereas modern is a specific style. 

Less is more when it comes to achieving a contemporary look, where curves and ornate decoration is avoided. The negative space, is considered just as important as the furniture and objects themselves. Smooth, clean furniture designs suit a contemporary look and are usually upholstered in a black, white or neutral fabric. Avoid trims and tassels, keeping the look simple and fresh. 



Minimalist living room style
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Minimalism is all about stripping black to the basics to achieve a zen-like space. Basic geometric forms and simple materials help to create a sense of order and represent high-quality. Natural light is often embraced and minimal furniture is chosen with restraint. 

Think simple, clean line storage to allow for the space to remain uncluttered and minimal, whilst still providing essential objects to hide all the necessary stuff. 



Urban living room style
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The urban interior style merges industrial with contemporary design, creating a modern, bohemian look. You’ll see concrete floors, exposed timber beams, steel, and unfinished surfaces. Sophisticated finishes and high-end bespoke fixtures makes the Urban look more expensive and polished. 

The urban style lends itself to open plan living where spaces are multi-functional and spacious. City dwellings, studio apartments, converted warehouses and offices are the ideal spaces to embrace the urban look. 



Country chic living room style
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Resembling a cottage look, the country interior design style takes on characteristics of the particular culture it’s based on. You’ll find types like English country, French country, Tuscan, or American country; all having a slightly different slant on the style. 

The overwhelming feeling of a country interior is one that’s warm, cosy and comfortable. They can often feel a little cluttered with robust furniture and finishes that celebrate the natural character. 


Mid-Century modern

Mid Century living room style
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Step back in the 1950’s and 60’s and you’ll find yourself in a mid-century modern interior. Influenced by minimalism, mid-century design is highly functional with pare-down forms, organic shapes, and simple fabrication methods. 

A standout feature of mid-century spaces is the seamless connection between the interior and exterior. 



Scandinavian living room style
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Inspired by the simple Nordic lifestyle Scandinavian design is characterised by all-white palettes, light timbers, and natural fabrics. 

Furniture is functional and understated, yet well-crafted and designed. In fact, some of the most iconic furniture pieces are the creations of Scandi designers. Natural light is celebrated, minimal accessories and a few pops of colour is thrown in. And if you really want to get the Scandi look, make sure you feature a fur throw too!



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