Formal living room with navy blue velvet sofa and white occasional chair

Source: The Sofa and Chair Co, London

It may sound crazy to consider buying furniture when you’re downsizing, but the reality is many people find their oversized pieces simply won’t fit into a smaller home.

That large sectional sofa is likely to swamp your living room and the 12-seater dining table may leave little room for your guests to pull their chair out. Buying a few new furniture pieces can make downsizing a more enjoyable experience and ensure you can retain all the comfort you’re used to.

We share with you a few tips to buying furniture when you’re downsizing so you don’t need to refurnish your entire house and can avoid expensive mistakes.


Figure out what you can keep

Living room with cream sofa and frames on wall

Source: Elements of Style

Moving into a new home can be a costly experience, especially if you have a lot to move or you’re moving interstate for a sea change. Deciding what furniture you can keep is the first place to start when looking to furnish a new home. Be ruthless but mindful of pieces that are your favourites or that will fit within your new space.


Measure up with tape

It’s often hard to visualise how furniture will work in a new space. Before you move any of your old furniture in or make new purchases, stick tape down on the floor to mark out the furniture you plan on putting in the space. If you’re looking to buy a new sofa or dining table, mark out how much room you have and measure the desired size. Arm yourself with this information before you head out to the shops.


Consider how you’ll get the furniture inside

If you’re moving from a large family home to an inner-city apartment, considering how you’ll get your furniture inside your new home is vital. After all, you don’t want to pay for removalist to move your grand dining table and heavy credenza only to find they won’t fit in the lift! Chainsaw anyone?


Look for flexible solutions

Model opening the Urban Rhythm Butterfly dinning table

Urban Rhythm's Butterfly Extension Dining Table

Just because you’re moving into a smaller home, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy entertaining friends and family or keep any sentimental items on show. Simply look for flexible solutions when shopping for furniture. A table that extends like out Elle or Butterfly is ideal when space is of a premium. A sofa with an ottoman will still allow you to put your feet up, but can also adapt to be a seat for when you have guests. 


Be open minded

Bedroom in neutral colours
Source: Home Bunch

If you fall in love with a piece of furniture, but you know it won’t fit in a space, be open minded about your arrangement. An occasional chair may not fit in the living room, but might work better in your dining room or master bedroom. You’ll then have an additional seat on hand and be surrounded by furniture you love.


Consider comfort and long-term useability

As we age, sadly getting in and out of those low, deep sofas becomes more difficult. If you’re buying new pieces of furniture later in life, it’s worth thinking about how the furniture will grow with you. In this case, a raised sofa that’s more upright with a narrower seat is likely to be more comfortable in the long run.


Marry the old with the new

Urban Rhythm's Hamilton sofa

Urban Rhythm's Hamilton Sofa

If you’re leaving an old Edwardian family home for a contemporary space, it doesn’t mean you need to clear out your classic furniture pieces. Mix modern with traditional and keep your eye out for ‘transitional’ pieces like our Chloe, Hamilton and Ellen sofas which blend both aesthetics into one.



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