Crisp white living room brought to life with two vibrant green indoor pot plants.

White is the go-to paint colour that survives any interiors trend. Its popularity extends from being versatile and its ability to enhance the sense of space.

A freshly painted white interior can optimise the natural light, as well as make the space appear somewhat cleaner. Painting your walls white also doesn’t require a great deal of bravery, as opposed to painting a room charcoal or a bright colour. You know what you’re going to get when painting your walls white. 

However, all-white interiors can sometimes feel bland, even stark and may lack personality. So, while it may be an easy colour to pick on the paint swatch, you still need to consider how you can warm up your space and make the most of the popular hue.


Here’s our 6 tips to bring warmth into your white living room

1. Add something green

    Plant life brings vibrance to any interior
    Source: H&M

    You’ll be on trend if you bring indoor plants into your living room. The variations of green in the foliage of plants contrasts well against white and can lift the space instantly. If you’re sticking to a neutral palette use a pot of the same tones.


    2. Include warm timber tones


    Urban Rhythm's Chicago dining table
    Chicago dining table

    Natural timber and white marry so well together. If you’re looking to warm up your space, rather than choose white-washed or grey timber, choose warmer tones. The American oak of our Malmo dining table or the Australian Messmate hardwood of our Chicago dining table are perfect examples of timbers that will add warmth to your space. 


    3. Opt for a metallic accent

    Metallic accents like copper and brass not only can add warmth to the space, they can also add a sense of luxe. You don’t need much to make an impact. The frame of a table like our Elle nest coffee tables will add just the right amount of sophistication. A feature floor lamp in the corner or a collection of small candles on a side table can be enough to boost the energy of your living room.


    4. Introduce textures

      White walled living room warmed up with natural fibre sisal rug.

      Without texture an all-white living room can appear flat and give off a sense of something missing. Introducing texture in furnishings or architectural features is essential. This could be the weave of your upholstery, accessories or the material of your furniture. Texture can be also introduced in your finishes too, like a stone fireplace or timber flooring.


      5. Incorporate colour in accessories  

        If the all-white Scandinavian interiors aren’t for you, then adding colour through accessories is a simple and cost-effective way to warm up your living room. By colour, this doesn’t mean you need to be loud with pops of bright hues. Natural tan leather, greys or blues all work well with white and help make the space more dynamic. 


        6. Mix in some black

          Moodpboard of Hamilton sofa, Ascot round coffee table, Katie chair and Brompton side table

          From top left to right, Hamilton sofa range, Brompton side table, Ascot coffee table, and Katie chair.

          Mixing a touch of black into your interior doesn’t mean you’re going to end up with a monochrome look! As with the metallic accents, a little bit of black can create sophistication and contrasts well with white. If you feel black is too strong for your living room, opt for a Mocha timber like our Luca round coffee table or dark tones of blue or grey.  

          All-white interiors don’t need to be bland or channel a Scandi vibe. Add some warmth to your space and you’ll find it feel more finished, luxurious and welcoming.



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