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Having a young family doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your style in favour for a hardy kid-friendly interior. With our tips, you can still achieve a stylish and Instagram-worthy home, yet one that’s practical and can handle all that comes with little people.


Embrace texture and pattern 

A family friendly living room
Source: Houseandhome.com

A simple way to elevate the level of sophistication in your interior is through texture and pattern. The best part about this is that it can often help disguise accidental spills and unsightly stains. Consider a durable, textured throw over your sofa that’s easier to clean after greasy little fingers have left their mark. Upholster cushions or feature chairs in a pattern that can add colour and energy to the space.


Choose durable upholstery 

No matter how well behaved your children are, an all-white linen sofa is going to get dirty. Why not make this less stressful on yourself and choose durable upholstery for those everyday pieces like a sofa or lounge chairs. At Urban Rhythm, you can choose from a wide variety of family friendly fabrics that provide a high rub content, durability, structural integrity and can be easily cleaned. The fabric manufacturing of today is so good you won’t be making any sacrifice and no one will know the difference! 


Avoid surfaces that reveal all

Bianka sofa with the timber Otway coffee table

The Bianca sofa with the Otway round coffee table

Surfaces that reveal all can cause you a lot more work when it comes to cleaning. A glass coffee table may look good in the magazine, but place it in front of little children and it will be covered in fingerprints, spills and food in no time. Opt for surfaces that don’t reveal a trail like timber, leather or resin, which are better alternatives to glass, chrome or brass. 


Think storage, storage, storage 

Storage built into your living room
Source: Desiretoinspire.net

Kids come with stuff and you’ll be surprised at how quickly their stuff accumulates. Rather than buy an ad hock collection of plastic toy boxes that will cheapen your look, find solutions that work with your style. Buy furniture that doubles as storage, use baskets that add personality, or invest in custom made cabinetry that’s well-designed. 


Paint with washable paint 

Dents, marks and the old pen drawing on the wall is going to bring down your whole design aesthetic. Rather than paint ever room in a dark colour just to hide the presence of children, paint your wall with washable paint. Always keep a couple of tins of the colour on hand if you do need to touch up and wall erasers can come in very handy when you have guests on the way. 

If you’re considering wallpaper, no need to ditch it in fear of destruction. Simply add a sealant over the top to help spare the material from damage. 


Select materials that age well

The Vista dining table in Mountain Ash with Emma dining chairs.

A solid timber dining table is ideal for those wanting to maintain their stylish aesthetic because it will age well regardless of the destruction. Timber can handle hours of homework. It can wear well after being hammered by toys. Sure, it may mark and dent over time, but this creates personality and becomes a story of your kids’ childhood.  


Embrace family living 

Above all, no room should be off limits. All spaces of your interior should be liveable; after all, it’s not a boutique hotel, it’s a home. Be flexible, creative and style your home to accommodate all personalities and the growth of your family. Have a little fun decorating your home and you’ll end up with an interior that exudes character, sophistication and personality.



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