Layered texture: Nellie in a corner suite styled with soft scatter cushions in various textures and colours and Magic rug 

At the start of a new year, we have the energy and mindset to overhaul our lives. From fitness resolutions to career goals, January is a big time for many. While you're aspiring to a new you, why not share a little of the focus on your interiors?

Before you take out the paint chips and list all your furniture on Gumtree, instead of embarking in a total makeover, we suggest you simply start with a refresh. 

Here are some easy interior updates you can get started on over the summer that will enhance the look and feel of your space. 


Layer texture

Some of the beautiful fabrics available for you to use on your furniture

The laying of texture is a great way to refresh your interior for the new year. Natural textures such a such as linen, leather and timber can add a feeling of warmth to your space and can be easily woven into any style.

Adding pattern to your interior is also a great way to bring visual interest into a neutral space. Start by adding pattern through decorative items such as cushions, throws or rugs. For a bolder look and a bit of pop, upholster an occasional chair in a patterned fabric. 


Play with your lighting

Interesting lighting for your living room
 Source: Milk Decoration

Lighting can instantly change the mood of your interior space. Rather than rely on overhead lights, incorporate a few table or floor lamps into your interior. Choose ones that look aesthetically pleasing when turned on and off. 

Hanging a beautiful light over your dining table will help define your dining area and enhance the atmosphere of your dinner party. If you have lamps existing, simply updating the shade can also make a huge impact. 


Hang artwork

Layered artwork in a reading nook

Play with rearranging your artwork to create a new perspective. Think about positioning your pieces in a collection, rather than dotted around the walls as single pieces. Or consider layering larger works and leaning them up against a wall.

Take the time to sort through some of your holiday shots and enlarge your happiest moments. Adding personal pieces of art in your home will instantly enhance the feeling of your space. 


Bring in botanicals

Topiary tree pot plants add life to your room

Incorporating plants in your home is a great way to refresh your interior and strengthen the connection with outdoors. Layering your space with a few indoor plants in beautiful pots will provide interest and lift the mood. 

If you don't have a green thumb, Plant Hunter has a great guide to keeping your indoor plants alive. 


Rethink your storage


Flinders Buffet - Made in Melbourne

The beginning of a new year is a great time to clean out your cupboards and consider better storage solutions. Let's face it, a lot of us may try to live minimally, but that look isn't for everyone! 

Short of living with the bare minimum, add more creative storage solutions. Think about adding a statement piece like a buffet or console to enhance your room. Look out for coffee tables with storage, decorate with a few unique baskets or show off your favourite accessories on open shelving.



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