Masculine blue Scandinavian chaise lounge

Urban Rhythm Nellie Sofa

It’s got to be every man’s dream; a space you can retreat to away from the kids, from your partner, and from work. A man cave serves as a place to chill out and relax, watch sports, or hang with your mates. For many men, it’s the most important space in the home. 

Search on Google for man cave ideas and you’ll be hit with images of rooms with bars, cinema lounges, sporting memorabilia, and a pool table. There’ll be exposed brick, rustic timbers, and kegs turned into bar stools.


But if you’re searching for a masculine retreat with sophistication and style, you’ll need these 6 essentials:

1. A focal furniture piece

Man cave room

Lifting your man cave design from an adolescent hangout, to a space of class and authority requires furnishings that impress. It’s not the place for the furniture you picked up at a garage sale, rather it’s the space to showcase your favourite pieces and collectables.

Splurge a focal furniture piece from the 60’s, or find a contemporary item that commands attention. Either way ensure you set your standards high and choose something that fits with the rest of your style. 


2. A cultured library 

Masculine sitting room with a library

A man cave isn’t just a place to watch the test match. When the sport isn’t on, this space should house a collection of cultured novels, coffee table books, and magazines. A well-curated library will add to the level of sophistication and give your guests something to casually flick through. 


3. The right sofa

The Cape Sofa
Urban Rhythm's Cape sofa

A sofa is one of the pieces in the man cave you don’t want to compromise. Think a deep seat, a size that fits many guests, and of a material that oozes style. 

Look for a sofa that has strong lines, and one that can anchor the space. Style like our Cape is the ideal sofa to stretch out and relax into while you’re watching a Sunday night movie with mates.  


4. Masculine materials

Lounge room with blue fabric sofa and a brown leather cushion

Move over floral prints and pastel tones, a man cave should embrace masculine materials and deep undertones. Rich leathers, timbers, and natural stone are the ideal materials to use within the space. Dark tones of greys, blues, and army greens will marry well with the materials and ramp up the sophistication. 

To take it up a notch, weave in textures that lift the space and add contrast like metals, mirror, glass, brass, and the occasional contrasting colour. 


5. A trophy piece 

The trophy piece to display in a man cave

No man cave will be complete without a show-stopping trophy piece. A signed jersey or classic movie poster is something expected. So why not scout out a sculptural piece that’s unexpected and unique to your space. 

If you’re man cave is in your beachside pad, consider a vintage surf board on the wall. Perhaps you’re a city sleeker, and a classic racing bike is more your thing. Maybe you’re into mechanics, architecture or travel, so an oversized blueprint or vintage map could grace the walls. 


6. Entertainment 

The entertainment zone

An impressive 3D flat screen TV on the wall with surround sound to revile any cinema will of course be a prerequisite for many, but this man cave is all about upping the sophistication. 

Before there were cinema rooms, man caves were a place for friends to gather and listen to records, play a game of poker, or to just sit back and banter. 

A sophisticated, masculine man cave creates a perfect balance between the two. Have a deck of cards on hand, invest in a well-made poker set, or impress with a collection of classic records and a player. 


Take pride in your man cave and up the level of sophistication by providing enough comfort with stylish pieces that will be the envy of all your mates.



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