Found yourself in a decorating rut? If you feel stuck in a dated 80’s interior, your kids have moved out of home or you're simply no longer house proud, you’ve found yourself in a decorating rut.

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Creating a dream home and moving on from our old style can be overwhelming. And just as writers find themselves face to face with writer’s block, we can all struggle getting out of a styling rut. Thankfully, we’ve got some valuable tips to help you tackle the rooms that need a new lease on life.


Select one room

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about redecorating your entire home, select one room to start with. That could be your brown veneer kitchen, a neglected bedroom or the tired living room. Choose one room you’re most ashamed of or that’s in the greatest need of a makeover. Starting with one room can often be all you need to get out of your decorating rut and some momentum to finish the job.


Scour online

Decorating ideas from pinterest

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If you haven’t got familiar with Pinterest, now’s the time. Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz are some of the best resources for when it comes to decorating your home. Here you’ll receive continual design inspiration which you can add to your own virtual mood boards or file away ready to print and scrapbook.


Start with a mini change

Free yourself from your decorating rut by starting with a mini change. Just changing one thing in your space can cause a light bulb moment. It could be as simple as moving your furniture around, swapping out the cushions or adding an occasional chair to the space.


Make an unexpected purchase

Cosy area with hanging pod chair
Photographer: Colin Price

Often people find themselves in a decorating rut because they lack vision or stay in their comfort zone. If you’re living in the same home with the same styling for the last 20 years, this is probably your issue. Break out of your comfort zone and buy something unexpected. It could be a piece of furniture, art or a paint colour. This is your opportunity to try something new and different.


Make a decision

Indecisiveness is one of the main culprits holding people back from restyling their interiors. Unless you want to continue living in your dated interior, it’s time to make a decision. By starting off small, you can narrow down your choices and the decisions won’t need to come think and fast.


Call an expert

If you’re really struggling to break free of the decorating rut or feel like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, calling in an expert is a good idea. Not everyone has the time, passion, or eye for interior design – hence the reason the profession exists. Come into our showroom and speak to one of our consultants about your furniture dilemma. Hire an interior decorator to work out your layout and colour scheme, or enlist the help of an interior designer to totally transform your space.



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