With fast fashion and cheap materials contributing to excessive waste and damage to the environment, our conscious goal is to make a positive contribution to the planet.

By sourcing timber from responsibly managed forests in Australia you can reduce your environmental impact and invest in sustainable furniture. Sustainable timber has a lower carbon footprint compared to other materials like steel or concrete. Trees absorb CO2 during their growth, storing it as they mature. When sustainably harvested trees are used for furniture production, this stored carbon remains locked away instead of being released into the atmosphere through decomposition or burning.

As you consider updating your home with new furniture, opt for solid wood construction: Solid wood is generally more robust than veneered or engineered options, providing better longevity and resistance to wear. At Urban Rhythm, we offer quality Australian-made products that will last. Our furniture is hand crafted in factories here in Melbourne. When selecting an Australian timber table, you are choosing high quality. Urban Rhythm uses Australian hardwoods like Messmate, Vic Ash and Tasmanian Oak for most of our products. They are known for its unique grain patterns and warm tones that compliment most interiors. 

Sustainable Australian timber is renowned for its strength and durability. When crafted into high-quality furniture pieces by skilled artisans, these materials ensure they stand up to the wear and tear of your home and can be passed down for future generations to wear and tear! 

Better Indoor Air Quality

Australian-made timber furniture often contains fewer harmful chemicals than imported alternatives. This is due to Australia’s stricter regulations on domestic timber production. This results in improved indoor air quality within your living spaces - promoting overall health and well-being.

Sourcing Sustainable Timber

Selecting sustainably sourced timber can be a great way to both help the environment and aid local communities. To ensure you're purchasing from an ethical, reliable supplier, consider the following:

  1. Select Australian-made furniture: By opting for locally made pieces, you support Australian businesses while reducing your carbon footprint, made bigger through importation. Also, as mentioned, Australia has strict regulations in place regarding sustainable forestry practices.
  2. Inquire about sustainability initiatives: Many companies now offer eco-friendly options or participate in programs like tree planting or carbon offset schemes - don't hesitate to ask if they offer such initiatives before making a purchase. Urban Rhythm is in partnership with Carbon positive Australia.
Carbon Positive - Urban Rhythm has donated to planting native trees

Conscious awareness of our environment helps protect our natural resources and creates a sustainable future.