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Our 5 most popular chair styles

Maison dining chairs with butterfly extension table

We’ve sold a lot of chairs over the years and as our collection of dining and armchairs continues to grow we don’t see that stopping anytime soon!  If you’re looking for a chair to snuggle up in after a long day or one to sit at for an evening of eating, drinking and conversations with friends, we’ve got you covered!

We thought we would inspire you with a guide to 5 of our most popular chair styles…

Maison Dining Chair

Meet Maison 

Maison is the ideal style if you are looking for a modern upholstered dining chair to complete your setting.  It’s subtle curves and solid timber legs add a relaxed feel without detracting from its sophistication. 

Why we love it: we love that Maison also has a matching carver chair to pair with it. A setting with two Maison carver chairs the table ends and the armless Maison chairs on either side is effortlessly stylish. 

More about the Maison dining chair here.

Carlton Occasional Chair

Meet Carlton 

Carlton is the perfect wingback armchair for any room where you desire a little comfort.  This style was thought to be first designed in the early 1700’s for the purpose of creating a cosy ‘snug’.  It’s easily one of the best armchairs to sink into and kick back. 

Why we love it: besides the comfort factor, we love the Carlton armchair for its ability to handle all sorts of fabrics.  Whether it is a brave, bold pattern or a solid luxurious fabric, the Carlton will show it off beautifully. 

Click here to see whether you love the Carlton too

Lotus Dining Chair

Meet Lotus 

The clean lines and good looks of our Lotus dining chair has been inspired by mid 20th century design where Danish designers focused on combining form and function.  Crafted from solid American Oak, the Lotus’ gentle curves and lean shape celebrates this design era beautifully. 

Why we love it: the natural blonde timber and its rounded form of the Lotus evokes an organic feel we love.  It’s also the ideal chair for those with a tight dining area and can work in both a casual or more sophisticated setting.  

Come and see Lotus here

Meet Oslo

Inspired by the retro era, Oslo is an occasional chair that easily slot into any interior.  The beauty of Oslo’s design is that it provides the comfort you would expect from an armchair, but it isn’t heavy making it great for both large and small spaces.   

Why we love it: Oslo’s solid Tasmanian Oak frame marries well with the upholstery and provides the level of detail which finishes the chair off nicely. 

Click here for more pictures of Oslo. 

Tommy Dining Chair

Meet Tommy 

Tommy is the go-to chair when you are looking for a classic, sophisticated design that doesn’t skimp on comfort.  With a nice straight back, you’ll feel supported without the need to jam a cushion behind you after a long dinner.  

Why we love it: we love that this chair is never going to date and can suit a variety of interiors. So when you change your décor from contemporary minimalism to Scandinavian country, you know Tommy will just fit right in. 

Have a look at Tommy here.

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