Natural colours for your home

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As seasons transition many of us have the desire to rejuvenate our interior spaces just as we do our wardrobes. Reluctantly we’re saying goodbye to summer as we edge our way into autumn and winter, replacing summer linens with chunky wools.


We’ll talk you through 5 ways you can rejuvenate your home to suit the new season.

Use more natural tones 

Those who are a fraction hesitant about colour will breathe a sigh of relief as autumn is all about natural colours and materials. The cooler months bring earthier palettes in our soft furnishings like tans, parchments, greys and slate which pair beautifully with whites and creams.  

Swap your cotton cushions for buffed linens, felts or leathers. Layer cosy wool throws over your sofa and armchairs and roll up your sisal rug for something warmer underfoot. Incorporate natural timbers into your interior with smaller furniture like our Portland coffee table.



De-cluttering your space seasonally is a great way to keep on top of those areas that tend to get out of hand overtime like your pantry, wardrobe or linen cupboard. 

It also gives you an opportunity to add some elements like artisan woven baskets to store magazines, change your lampshades from the crisp white to darker shades and prep the fire ready for the cool evenings. 


Add a layer of luxe

Autumn Luxe for your home

The cooler months call for richer, heavier fabrics that you can cocoon in and retreat from the wind and chilly air. Strong timbers, classic forms and timeless furniture are embraced as we spend more time indoors and less time lazing on the beach. 

Embrace the velvets, burnished metals and brass, and classic patterns. For those who love to add a touch of colour into the space add shades of deep greens and sea blues. Sofas like our Chanel or Jasper are strong, elegant lines which can handle those rich fabrics and accents.

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Create a nook 

During summer we spend as much time as possible outdoors. Lazy afternoons in the garden turn into relaxed dinners under the stars as we take advantage of the clear skies and warm nights. The further we edge into the cooler months, the more we spend time retreating indoors to feel warm and protected.

Create a nook within your interior to switch off and snuggle up in with a good book and a hot drink. A corner of the living room, study or master bedroom can be the ideal place and big enough to fit an armchair like the Nellie, a small side table and a floor lamp to read under. 


Bring the outside in 

Bring the outside in

For many the cooler seasons are depressing as we spend more time indoors than out. To combat this, embrace the indoor plant trend adding a natural, living element to your interiors.  Think a fiddle leaf fig, peperomias or mother-in law’s tongue. 

To combine it with your look, plant them in antique brass containers, woven baskets or cement pots. Don’t be afraid to mix the foliage to achieve a contrast of textures and tones. Just remember to ensure your planting the right species for the amount of sunlight it may receive. 

Rejuvenating your space seasonally needn’t cost a fortune or take much effort. It’s all about layering in interchangeable items and selecting larger pieces that are timeless and can cross over from season to season.  

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