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Now you have the perfect coffee table, it’s time to learn how to style it! Books, candles, trays, flowers – how do you know what to put where, without it looking forced?  We’ll show you how with these simple tips to styling your coffee table!


1. Divide your coffee table into sections

Dividing your coffee table in two halves or into threes will help you artfully arrange your objects. Place a tray in one of the sections and decorate with objects, and in the other add a large book, a stack of magazines or a vase with flowers.


2. Play with asymmetry 

Perfectly positioned coffee table

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Not everything has to be positioned in the centre of your coffee table.  By simply placing your arrangement on one side of your table, the other side is free to use as an actual coffee table!


3. Tray it up

Styling your coffee table is all about the tray! Place a tray in the centre of your table or off to one side and style it up with your treasures.  A candle, small vase or a collection of little trinkets is ideal.  Decorative boxes are also a great way to hide functional items like your remote controls, yet still look attractive.


4. Show off your books 

Coffee table books
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Books are the perfect coffee table styling item as it’s a chance for you to show off your passions and they add colour to your space.  Stack larger books first and for a minimal look, keep it to three books only.  Bookworms may desire more, so create a neat row of three stacks varying in height. Finish one of your stacks off with a vase or bowl to add an extra touch.


5. Vary your heights 

Add a tray to your coffee table
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To create visual interest, vary your heights through the use of stacked books, vases, candles or trinkets on a tray. A flat plane will be boring and pretty lacklustre.


6. Be bold

If you’re going to be styling your coffee table, you might as well be playful and bold.  It’s the perfect place to add pops of colour, inject your personality and display a few unusual items.  Add decorative items you’ve collected from your travels that may act as a point of conversation, and add items you would normally see like colourful beads, a stack of cards or a mini terrarium.


7. Add an organic element  

Soften your coffee table with an organic element

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An organic element like foliage, fresh flowers, shells or a piece of coral can add warmth and a sense of calm to your space.  Natural elements soften your coffee table look, especially when you mix them with stacks of books and stronger forms.  It’s also a great way to instantly change your look depending on the season or simply when you want a change. 


While styling your coffee table can be all about play and pizazz, just remember to keep it functional too! It’s nice to be able to put your feet up once in a while, or have space for a family night of board games.  Happy styling!



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