Interiors decorated in a coastal style have the ability to transport you right back to those lazy summery days at the beach regardless of your actual location. The fresh, relaxed décor can suit contemporary or classic interiors based in the city,country, and of course, the seaside.

It’s not about overloading your home with kitsch souvenirs you’ve gathered from beachside holidays or the 90’s palette of yellows and blues. Coastal style executed well draws upon a sophisticated palette inspired by the water, sand, shells and local vegetarian. Light and breezy textiles are combined with natural, sometimes weathered materials to portray an effortless, calm atmosphere. 

If you’re wanting to create the beachside feeling all year round, here are our tips to pull off the coastal style:

Make the most of your natural light

Beach houses are almost always flooded with natural light and expansive windows make the most of the seaside view. While you may not be looking onto the beach, making the most of your natural light will help create that light and airy feeling. 

Where possible, limit the window treatments so you don’t block the light from entering your interior. Where you need to create privacy, consider using semi-translucent blinds or even shutters. Where light is lacking, use carefully selected lamps or even some mirrors to reflect the light around your interior.


Stick with a neutral palette 

Coastal style today is all about a pale fresh colour palette. Whites are the ideal base, and adding blues, yellow, greys, tans even emeralds and coral pinks into your décor can work well.  

Remember to keep the palette minimal using pops of colour here and there to create interest, but to dominate the space.


Choose light and breezy fabrics 


When selecting fabrics for furniture, cushions, rugs and bedlinen, think light and breezy. Crisp white linen like fabric, cotton cushion covers, and woven natural fibres. A palette of whites, greys, and washed out pastels work well in a coastal interior. And while print is very much in vogue, be careful of what style you choose. 

There are plenty of nautical inspired prints with anchors, shells and starfish available, with some, shall we say, less tasteful than others. If you are wanting to incorporate prints, stick with something subtle like a stripe, foliage or two-toned colours, or use it sparingly. Don’t be afraid to add leathers into the mix; a tan leather armchair or ottoman works exceptionally well in a contemporary costal home.


Incorporate natural materials and fibres

                                                                         Mitta Mitta Dining Table

Coastal style centres itself around bringing the outside in. Natural timbers in the flooring, benchtops and furniture, like our Mitta Mitta Dining Table work well in any interior. Lighter timber tones compliment a beachy theme. The Mitta Mitta is made to order and can be customised to one stain colour like "Natural" or "Old Baltic".


Mix up the more weathered materials with those of a smooth finish to incorporate more texture in the space. 

Sisal rugs, seagrass, rattan and linen are the ideal natural fibres to introduce to your interior. While wool is generally considered a heavier, winter material it can bring some warmth into the same especially in the cooler months.  

The coastal style is all about steering clear of the unnecessary flourishes, and instead try to make the space feel down to earth, lived in and calm. Think less bling, and more easy living. 

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