The reality is, no interior is ever really finished. The spaces in a home are continually evolving whether it’s due to a change in tastes or lifestyle, or simply because objects come and go. That doesn’t mean you can’t get to a point where your interior looks and feels complete. A space which represents your personality and you can’t wait to come home to.

Modern living room with dark green wall, wooden floor, cream sofa and fireplace

Furniture, accessories and art are a great way to add the finishing touch to a room. Whether it’s filling up an unloved corner, adding a pop of colour to a blank wall or making your space more personal, these items can create that final flourish you desire for your interior.

We’ve put together some tips and tricks to help you get started. If your home still looks like you have just moved in or you’re wanting to pull your design scheme together, this advice will be very helpful. We’ll share with you how to make an impact that suits your style room by room.

Consider the interior design of your home

Modern, open plan living room and Kitchen
Photographer: Martina Gemmola / Interior Design: Showpony Interiors

Before you go shopping for homewares, furniture and art, it’s important to consider the interior design of your home. Does the home have a particular style? Have you created a theme for some of the rooms? What is the feeling your interiors evoke?

Take in consideration the colour palette, finishes and the existing furniture you have in the room you want to build upon. This will help you create a more coherent space where everything works together rather than competes.

Be brave and have fun with it

All too often we’re overly serious about our interiors. Decorating, especially with accessories and art, allows you the opportunity to inject your own personality in the space. If there’s ever a time to put away the design magazines or switch off from Pinterest and Houzz it’s when you’re adding the finishing touches to your home.

Go have some fun looking in stores and galleries for things that inspire you. Stray away from the trends and let your personality dictate what you fill your home with. You may be an avid traveller, so objects from all over the world or oversized photographs from exotic locations could be the perfect pieces to finish off your space. You may love colour or print, then an occasional chair upholstered in a bold fabric could instantly add that pop your room needs to feel more like yours.

Be considered with your choices, yet have fun. Choose items that are meaningful to you and your family. Pieces that reflect the way you live or aspire to live.

Layer with texture

Alberto sofa range
Urban Rhythm's Alberto Sofa and Armchair

Texture is a great way to add visual interest and richness to your home. If you feel your interior is lacking warmth or looks a little bland, incorporating textural pieces will instantly lift the space.

A simple way to layer with texture is through soft furnishings like cushions, throws, rugs and curtains. Consider the areas that are looking a little flat. A large rug can add dimension to a plain floor, scatter cushions of different sizes and fabrics can lift a sofa or soft linen curtains draping down to the floor can perfectly frame a window.

Furniture is also effective at adding texture to a space. A timber coffee table for example, with its rich grain and natural imperfections will bring a feeling of warmth and age into a room. An occasional chair like our Oslo that combines Tasmanian oak with a quality fabric, will enhance the overall sense of texture in any interior.

Create visual groupings

If your interior is lacking a little something, chances are you’ve displayed some of your accessories or art on their own. While it’s a good start, sometimes they can look out of place or get lost within a room.

Grouping objects together will provide a greater impact and add weight. This applies to your accessories, art and furniture. A sofa on its own for example, can look plain and uninviting. Place a side table next to it, an ottoman and a lamp and you’ve created an interesting area of your room.

When you’re arranging your accessories on a buffet, a bookshelf or coffee table, follow the rule of grouping in threes. Play with different heights and materials but keep the pieces in a complimentary colour palette. This way, regardless of where you source your objects, you’ll have an effortless, yet styled feeling that works with your design scheme.

Finish off each space room by room

White modern kitchen with marble benchtop, 3 pandant lights and 3 rattan barstools

It’s common for homeowners to concentrate all their efforts on one or two rooms like the kitchen and living room at the expense of another. Have a look around your home. Is your bedroom lacking personality or style? Perhaps you’ve forgotten to pay any addition to your home’s entrance? Maybe your formal dining room has become more of a dumping ground than a place to invite company.

Decorating a home in its entirety can become overwhelming. That’s why we suggest you approach room by room and remember, you can build on this overtime as your interior evolves. Here are some tips for each room of that home where you can add that finishing touch and become house proud.


An entrance should be an inviting space that balances the decorative elements with practical. If your hallway is lacking personality, consider adding colour or wallpaper to the walls. Hang a piece of interesting art or stylish hooks to organise bags and coats. Adding much needed storage in the form of a hall table like our Portland or Malmo Console Table will also enrich the space with texture and give you a place to display some accessories.

Living room

When choosing accessories and smaller pieces of furniture be inspired by the feeling you’re trying to create. For a casual family room, you can be more playful with colours, textures and objects. For a formal living room, consider a sophisticated colour palette and textural materials to add richness. Large coffee tables and shelving offer opportunities to showcase objects that reflect your personality and add visual interest. Layer your furniture with throws and cushions and don’t be afraid to build up other items such as a gallery wall or indoor plants for impact. 

Dining room

Besides a great table and comfortable, yet stylish, chairs, a dining room provides plenty of opportunity to add mood and interest. A statement light feature hung low over the table will add weight to your room. Art work, candles or a living centrepiece will also enhance the space.


Practical kitchens make life much easier, but they can also have added personality. Beyond a vase of flowers or a fruit bowl on the bench, consider other ways to make a statement. A neat stack of your favourite cook books, a window box of herbs or a striking copper pot on the stove can be all you need to lift the space.


Bedrooms can become the most personal and intimate spaces of the home. Embrace the feeling of warmth and luxury through soft throws, textural cushions and alluring artwork. Lamps and candles can help enhance the mood, and small furniture items like an occasional chair and side table can create a more visually appealing space to retreat to.


Refrain from adding too many decorative pieces in the bathroom, opting for a practical space that has style. Bath linens are a perfect place to start adding colour and texture, as are accessories like tooth brush and soap holders. A small timber stool in the corner or a bath caddy can add further appeal.


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