Update your living room for spring

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Warmer days, new blooming buds, and vocal birds. Nature is dropping plenty of clues that spring is well on the way. While you’re getting started on your spring cleaning duties and the wardrobe overhaul, now’s also the perfect time to pay your interior some attention and freshen it up ready for the warmer months. 


Here’s 6 ways to bid farewell to winter and liven up your living room in time for spring. 

1. Remove the layers

Now’s the ideal time to remove those thick, woollen throws you’ve had on hand for the chilly winter nights. Wash or dry-clean these extra layer and pack them away for when winter rolls around again. If you enjoy snuggling under a blanket of an evening, consider a lighter linen throw with a touch of colour or pattern that ties into your spring look.


2. Refresh your furnishings

In winter, our interiors tend to be shut up more with the heating on and limited amount of fresh air as we bunker down. Now that we can open up the house more regularly to allow the spring breeze to enter, it’s the perfect opportunity to refresh your furnishings too.  Both leather and fabric upholstery can benefit from a regular clean. You’ll notice the material appears more vibrant, it will smell fresher, and you can get rid of any unsightly stains.


3. Swap out heavy rugs

The feeling of a thick woollen rug underfoot in winter is sublime, but with warmer days on the way you could consider livening up your living room with a lighter rug or nothing at all.  This gives you an opportunity to have your rugs professionally cleaned as well as shop for a new look!


4. Add a touch of green 

Greenery in a bottle

Source: myscandinavianhome.com

The indoor plant trend looks like it’s here to stay and with good reason. Indoor plants are a great way to add a touch of nature to your living room and freshen up the space. Dress your living room with a few pots, or accessorise with large leafy branches in a generous vase.


5. Accessorise with seasonal items

Accessories are the most cost effective way to style your interiors seasonally. Change up your colour scheme with some spring cushions. Invest in a collection of beautiful vases for your spring blooms. Change up your artwork or replace lamp shades from dark and moody to bright and fresh. Before you mix in your new seasons accessories, remember to declutter and store away or donate those you haven’t used.


6. Freshen up your playlist 

To get you in the styling mood, freshen up your playlist with some spring tunes. Music is a great way to reinforce the feeling you’re trying to create in your interiors. It also has a profound effect on your own attitude, giving you a little extra spring in your step.



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