Why a round dining table might suit your space

No matter how lovely your decorating style is, if the furniture layout doesn’t suit the function and proportion of your space, the feeling of the room can be compromised.  While it’s more traditional to go with a rectangular design, a round dining table might better suit your space...

April 14, 2016

From family home to apartment: tips for downsizing

Apartment living room

Downsizing can cause a lot of stress as you face the challenge of fitting all your belongings into a smaller footprint.  But if you plan ahead, you can reduce that anxiety and create a stylish home you’ll love without missing a thing!

Here are our tips to getting organised and making the process of downsizing a little easier...

April 05, 2016

5 Ways to rejuvenate your interior for the cooler months 

A living room in Autumn tones

As seasons transition many of us have the desire to rejuvenate our interior spaces just as we do our wardrobes.  Reluctantly we’re saying goodbye to summer as we edge our way into autumn and winter, replacing summer linens with chunky wools. 

We’ll talk you through 5 ways you can rejuvenate your home to suit the new season... 

Our 5 most popular chair styles

If you’re looking for a chair to snuggle up in after a long day or one to sit at for an evening of eating, drinking and conversations with friends, we’ve got you covered!
We thought we would inspire you with a guide to 5 of our most popular chair styles…

How to choose the perfect sofa

As much as I love stiletto shoes, I know I can't run very far in them.  So, as for buying shoes, when buying my furniture, I consider functionality as much as I do style.  

A few things I consider when buying a sofa...

December 17, 2015
Tags: Sofas

How it all began...


In 1976, Sam and Vicki opened a tiny shop on the Mornington Peninsula selling pine furniture and some giftware items. They did everything themselves, even delivering furniture in their blue Mazda van...

December 14, 2015
Tags: Our Story