Styling tips for the perfect family home

Achieving the perfect family home doesn’t need to be all practical, nor does it need to be all about the kids! You can create an aesthetically pleasing space that reflects your personality and the way your family lives while ensuring it is still functional. 

From storage ideas to furniture selection, here are six tips that will ensure your home can handle the demands of daily life and still remain beautiful and stylish. 

Caring for your timber furniture 

Timber dining table and black upholstered chairs

Taking care of your timber furniture from the moment it arrives in your home will help to preserve the wood's natural beauty.

Follow our advice to ensure yours stands the test of time...

How to get creative with cushions without going over the top

Cushions are the perfect cost-effective accessory to make a statement and an easily update any space according to seasonal trends.  You could almost say, interiors heavily depend on cushions to finish off the space like a good hairdo. 

If you want to make cushions work in your living room, here’s some advice. 

How to style your home to suit your personality 

Eclectic living room

Interior trends come and go, just like in the world of fashion.  Styling your home can be a big investment, so why not decorate to suit your personality and lifestyle, rather than what’s in at the time. 

Here’s our advice on how to keep true to your own taste and avoid following a fad trend.

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4 things to consider when buying a sofa

Contemporary cream sofa

Buying a sofa that will be with you for a number of years will be something you'll want to invest in to get the one that's right for you. What style? Do you go modular? Will you choose leather or fabric? Do you buy off the shelf, or have something custom made? 

Here are 4 things you should consider when purchasing your sofa. 

Effortless coastal: how to get the look in your living room

Interiors decorated in a coastal style have the ability to transport you right back to those lazy summery days at the beach regardless of your actual location.  The fresh, relaxed décor can suit contemporary or classic interiors based in the city, country, and of course, the seaside.

If you’re wanting to create the beachside feeling all year round, here are our tips to pull off the coastal style.

Choosing the right rug for your interior

Choosing the right rug can make or break your interior space.  Go too small and it can look awkward, choose the wrong colour and you may end up with a space that gives you a headache! While it sounds tricky, selecting a rug is easier than you think when you know what to look out for.

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Keep your home organised with our decluttering tips

There are better ways to spend your precious spare time than in a home of chaos. Clear out the clutter and get your home looking magazine worthy with our quick and easy tips. 

How to protect your sofa from the occasional spill

Protecting your sofa doesn't mean you have to wrap it in plastic, keep your pets outside and stop inviting guests around.  There are a few things you can do to protect your sofa and keep the upholstery spot free. Learn how.

Tips to styling your coffee table

Now you have the perfect coffee table, it’s time to learn how to style it! Books, candles, trays, flowers – how do you know what to put where, without it looking forced?  We’ll show you how with these simple tips to styling your coffee table! 

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12 family friendly dining rooms we love

When decorating a family friendly dining room, you have to think practicality but that doesn’t mean your design style needs to be sacrificed.  See some of our faves...

Give your entrance the wow factor with these tips

A grand entrance

Create an unforgettable first impression as soon as guests step through your front door.  If you’re fed up with your messy, dull hallway, take a look at our tips on how to inject some wow factor.